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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life span of an elephant?

African bush elephants and Asian elephants are endangered, while African forest elephants are critically endangered. The average life span of an Asian elephant is 48 years, while the African elephant lives 60-70 years. Elephants in captivity have shorter life spans, which experts believe is due to stress from poor mental health.

Are there bush elephants in Africa?

In northern and central parts of Africa, the African Bush Elephant is now rare and confined to protected areas, and although the story is similar in the south, South African Elephant populations are thought to be doing better with an estimated 300,000 individuals in the region. African Bush Elephant Conservation Status and Life Today

When do African bush elephants reach sexual maturity?

Male African Bush Elephants, however, often don’t reach sexual maturity until they are nearly 20 years old. After mating and a gestation period of up to 2 years, the female African Bush Elephant gives birth to a single calf (twins have been known but are extremely rare).

How much does an African bush elephant weigh?

While the average weight for an African Bush Elephant is eleven tons, the head can weigh up to three tons. Elephant trunks are heavy, so it makes sense that their heads would be such a large percentage of their total weight. The average adult human head weighs between ten and eleven pounds. That’s approximately eight percent of their body weight.

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