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Frequently Asked Questions

What does false pretenses mean?

False Pretenses. False representations of material past or present facts, known by the wrongdoer to be false, and made with the intent to defraud a victim into passing title in property to the wrongdoer.

What does false pretense mean?

False Pretenses. A transfer of title to a family member or a corporation in which the wrongdoer has an interest constitutes a transfer of title for purposes of false pretenses. In many states, crimes relating to theft of property, including false pretenses, have been combined and consolidated into one offense.

Is falsely accusing someone of a crime, a crime?

In most states, a person can sue someone else for falsely accusing them, according to The Law Firm of George H. Ramos Jr. In legal terms, falsely accusing someone of a crime is referred to as malicious prosecution.

What is the crime of obtaining property by false promise?

Larceny happens when a person obtains property by false promise. This happens when they get someone else's property by saying that someone will engage in particular conduct. This action constitutes this crime when the person does not intend to engage in such conduct.

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