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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access BB learn from Louie?

If you normally access Bb Learn from LOUIE, you can simply go directly to Bb Learn by typing “” into your web browser, or it is available from the Quicklinks menu on the NAU homepage, or the Links menu in the portal. What should I expect when I log in Monday morning (10/14/2019)?

Where can I access Nau’s online resources?

Interactive Map for access to free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the state. Blackboard Learn is NAU’s online Learning Management System. It is where you will access any online classes you take through NAU, and it also contains online resources for in-person NAU classes such as documents, videos, quizzes, assignments, and discussion boards.

What is a nau Louie account?

A LOUIE account on an NAU computer system is a privilege available to qualified students. Usage of this system is monitored and you must understand and agree to the following to use this account: I agree that I am responsible for the use of my LOUIE account.

Why can’t I see my classes in BB learn?

If you are having trouble viewing your classes and/or they are not showing up when you log into Bb Learn, they may be hidden or the class itself may not have started yet. To check for hidden courses, use the Filter drop-down in the Courses list to look for “Hidden from me.” For more help see My Course List.

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