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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Redstone block?

A realistic 3D render of a redstone block (Image via u/MrGuccu, Reddit) Redstone blocks are some of the most versatile blocks in Minecraft. They provide lots of potential uses to players, such as storage efficiency and an infinite redstone power source.

What is Redstone used for in Minecraft?

It can also be used as storage if the player's inventory is full of redstone dust from mining. Blocks of redstone can be crafted back into redstone, and thus provide compact storage for redstone like other blocks of minerals ( block of iron, block of gold, etc.).

How can I contact bblocks?

Build Hacks, Redstone and crazy Experiments! For a business collaboration contact me here: [email protected] Other Contact: Maximilian Müller "BBlocks" E-Mail: [email protected] Responsible for content according § 5 TMG: Maximilian Müller Minecraft: 1000+ House Build Hacks and Ideas!

How do you tell if a Redstone block is talking?

If a redstone torch is placed on a block of Redstone, it will turn off after 1 tick, and it will not turn back on unless a player breaks it and places it somewhere else. If a Dragon Head is placed on a redstone block, it will look like it's talking.

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