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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bbyy ransomware & how to remove bbyy virus?

What Is BBYY Virus? The BBYY ransomware virus is the name of a STOP/DJVU variant. The main objective of this computer viruses to get inside your machine without you even realising it and then attack your personal files, encrypting them. This prevents you from opening your files and this particular virus at the .Bbyy file extension.

What is the bbyy file extension?

The .Bbyy file is a normal user file that cannot be accessed because it has been encrypted by the Bbyy ransomware. The extension of the .Bbyy file may contain odd symbols and characters that no software can recognize and open. It is natural to be scared when faced with a threat like Bbyy, Rrcc or Eegf.

How do I encrypt the bbyy files?

The Bbyy files are encrypted using an AES encryption algorithm that scrambles their core data. Encryption process is conducted by scanning for all the directories on your computer, while skipping the system directories of Windows and encrypting files that are often used, based on their file type, for example:

Why does bbyy use an offline key?

If Bbyy cannot establish a connection to its command and control server (C&C Server) before starting the encryption process, it uses the offline key. This key is the same for all victims, making it possible to decrypt files encrypted during a ransomware attack.

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