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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Romulus farm only selling produce?

“We are only selling produce and, the good Lord willing, we will be here for generations to come,” said Fred Block, who owns the Romulus farm along with his brother Jim. “Our farms are always improving.” Block said the rumor crops up every once in a while and there's simply no truth to it.

Is blocks stand in Romulus closing?

A rumor is swirling once again that the popular Blocks Stand and Greenhouse near Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus is closing. It’s not, according to the owners. Though what they are selling is what they grow.

What is block's market?

Block's is a local vegetable and fruit market that sells produce grown in Michigan. As a child my parents shopped here every week. I have memories of me and my siblings climbing into the tractor pulled wagons filled with corn. The four of us were tasked to fill four 50lb burlap bags of fresh picked corn.

What's on Block's Farm?

There's tomatoes, peppers and more. Block and his brother are the fifth generation to run the farming operations. His sons who are in their early 20’s and his nephews, in their 30’s, also work on the farm. Locals and many non-locals flock to Block's for their great prices on flowers, plants and abundant produce.

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