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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best thing to do with a blog?

6. Use your blog for affiliate marketing and sponsorships. What is the most profitable blog niche in 2020? Right now, the most profitable blog niches are technology, digital marketing, finance and investment, fashion, travel, movies & music, health, food, news, and personal development.

What makes a successful blogger?

Viveca Menegaz, creator of The Nourished Caveman blog, says that “Networking with other bloggers” made the biggest impact on her success. “Bloggers are amazingly talented and resourceful people,” she adds. (Read more of Viveca’s success tips in our interview .) Ask yourself, “How can I help my audience?” Can you solve a problem for them?

How to make your blog stand out from the crowd?

Make sure your blog has an attractive design. Have fun! The last rule is truly what matters when it comes to blogging. As long as you have a real desire to write about the things that you love, people will feel the energy you have invested in and appreciate your work!

What makes a good or bad blog?

There are many factors that can make the difference between a blog that earns revenue and one that doesn’t. Some of those include: Whether the blog’s niche has a high level of interest. Whether or not the blog owner understands and follows good SEO, social media, and other marketing practices.

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