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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the boat trailer in Grand Theft Auto 5?

The Boat Trailer is a towable trailer in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online . The trailer appears with metal framework and pads to hold boats in a secure position. It has a single axle with single wheels, with wheel arches fending them. The front of the trailer features a jockey wheel and brake.

Can the boat be reattached to the boat on the trailer?

The trailer can spawn with numerous boats on it, including the Squalo and Dinghy. Once the boat is detached, it cannot be reattached to the trailer. According to the files, the following vehicles can tow this trailer:

Is the menyoo way of making boat trailers good?

@ramrod yup the menyoo way is good if we are using a custom boat or a custom trailer but not as good as in-game trailers. Remember Gamer's don't die, they re-spawn.

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