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Frequently Asked Questions

Does BTS have an interview with sakshma Srivastav?

BTS interview with Sakshma (Indian Interview) Boy Groups BTS is going to have an interview with Sakhsma Srivastav. I remember making a post about TXTs Interview with Sakshma.

Who is sakshma Srivastava?

BTS recently wrapped up their interview with the beautiful Indian host Sakshma Srivastava . TIMES NOW shared a sneak peek of the BTS interview with ex-Miss India Finalist Sakshma Srivastav.

What do you think of sakshma's interview with TXT?

Sakshma has interviewed many other K-pop groups, one of them being BTS's brother group TXT. She has been an excellent host and made each and every member feel comfortable and keep them engaged, asking them frequent questions and building up conversations. Her interviews were very well accepted and appreciated by kpop fans.

Who is sakshma's bias?

In a new commentary video, Sakshma reacted to her interview, explaining why she chose her questions and providing tidbits of behind-the-scenes information, including who her bias is. “He’s my bias, by the way, so I was naturally nervous,” Sakshma said, pointing out a clip of herself talking with V.

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