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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cambridge Analytica and what did they do?

Cambridge Analytica was accused of amassing the data of millions of Facebook users without their consent and using it in political campaigns, including the 2016 US Presidential campaign and 2016 Brexit referendum. The ICO seized materials from the now defunct firm's headquarters during a high-profile search in 2018.

What does the Cambridge Analytica scandal mean for Your Privacy?

"Your data is yours and you have a right to control its use." Cambridge Analytica, which has repeatedly said it did nothing wrong in the way it processed data, is under fire for allegedly using the personal information of millions of Facebook users for political campaigning, without their consent or knowledge.

Did Facebook share user data with Cambridge Analytica?

Harry Kinmonth, a Facebook lawyer, noted that the social network had made changes to restrict the information app developers could access following the scandal. "The ICO has stated that it has not discovered evidence that the data of Facebook users in the EU was transferred to Cambridge Analytica," he added.

Was Cambridge Analytica involved in the EU referendum?

Cambridge Analytica was "not involved" in the EU referendum, says the Information Commissioner. A three-year probe into the misuse of personal data, centring around the activities of the firm, has now ended. The investigation led to big fines for Facebook and two pro-Brexit campaign groups - Vote Leave and Leave.EU.

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