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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cambridge Analytica?

Cambridge Analytica Ltd ( CA) was a British political consulting firm that came to prominence through the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

Do any Australian parties deny using data firm Cambridge Analytica?

^ "Australian parties deny using data firm Cambridge Analytica". SBS News. Retrieved 28 July 2019. ^ Clun, Rachel (4 April 2018). "Facebook says 310,000 Australian users may have been affected by Cambridge Analytica scandal".

Is Cambridge Analytica a Trump-tied firm offered to entrap politicians?

"Cambridge Analytica, Trump-Tied Political Firm, Offered to Entrap Politicians". Retrieved 19 March 2018. ^ Wieder, Ben; Kumar, Anita (20 February 2018). "Bannon sold Cambridge Analytica stake, fined for late ethics report". McClatchy.

How many users did Facebook share with Cambridge Analytica?

The Wall Street Journal. ^ Kang, Cecilia; Frenkel, Sheera (4 April 2018). " " Facebook Says Cambridge Analytica Harvested Data of Up to 87 Million Users" in The New York Times ". Retrieved 5 June 2018. ^ Hern, Alex (10 April 2018). "How to check whether Facebook shared your data with Cambridge Analytica". The Guardian.

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