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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix?

Getty Cambridge Analytica's chief executive officer Alexander Nix gives an interview in 2017. Alexander Nix, 42, was the CEO of Cambridge Analytica, a company that has come under intense scrutiny for possibly mining Facebook data against Facebook’s terms.

What do we know about Cambridge Analytica?

A lot of information about Cambridge Analytica came out after Channel 4 released an undercover video involving Alexander Nix and other executives. In the video, one executive admitted that CA had worked with Donald Trump’s campaign and talked about how CA had come up with the Crooked Hillary photo that showed handcuffs for the “OO” in Crooked.

Is Congress poster in office of Cambridge Analytica's ex-CEO Alexander Nix?

Retrieved 23 April 2018. ^ "BBC documentary clip goes viral, shows Congress poster in office of Cambridge Analytica's ex-CEO Alexander Nix". DNA India. Retrieved 23 April 2018.

Did Boris Johnson meet Alexander Nix of Cambridge Analytica?

^ "Boris Johnson's undisclosed meeting with Alexander Nix of Cambridge Analytica". The Spectator. Retrieved 8 October 2020. ^ Pasternack, Jesse Witt and Alex (26 July 2019). "The strange afterlife of Cambridge Analytica and the mysterious fate of its data".

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