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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really make money taking surveys online?

You really can make money by filling out online surveys, albeit at a slow pace. Just be sure to research how they pay out (gift card, PayPal, etc.) and the required cash-out minimum before you start. And always avoid sketchy third-party sites by referring to the 7 tell-tale signs of scam (above).

Can I make real money from taking surveys?

Yes, paid online surveys are for real! A good number of legitimate survey companies will pay you just for your time and opinion. They pay you for your feedback on products and services of manufactures and businesses. Do I have to pay to take surveys and get paid?

How can I make money taking surveys online?

The things you can earn from different surveys are:Money via paypal or via chequesGift cards to brand storesTickets to raffles with great prizes

Can anyone really make money taking paid surveys?

Yes, you can earn money filling out surveys online, but you could also make money searching parking lots for loose change. If you jump into the world of paid surveys with high hopes of earning enough money to quit your job or put your kids through college, you’re going to be very disappointed.

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