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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the special features of an elephant?

Elephants are known for their large ears, tusks made of ivory and their trunks – which are actually a fusion of their nose and upper lip. 2) Elephants are the world’s largest land animal! Male African elephants can reach 3m tall and weigh between 4,000 -7,500kg. Asian elephants are slightly smaller, reaching 2.7m tall and weighing 3,000 ...

What are the Predators of the elephant?

Predators. Carnivores (meat eaters) such as lions, hyenas, and crocodiles may prey upon young, sick, orphaned, or injured elephants. Humans are the greatest threat to all elephant populations.

Why is an elephant called an elephant?

Why is elephant called elephant? Etymology. The word “elephant” is based on the Latin elephas (genitive elephantis) (“elephant”), which is the Latinised form of the Greek ἐλέφας (elephas) (genitive ἐλέφαντος (elephantos), probably from a non-Indo-European language, likely Phoenician. Trending How To Control Mad Elephant?

Do elephant eat other elephant poop?

Why do elephants eat each other's poop? Wild elephants, giant pandas, koalas, and hippos consume the mother's dung and other individuals in the herd to receive the microorganisms needed to assimilate the vegetation prevalent in their environments. While the elephant consumes their poop, there is also the possibility of self-anointing.

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