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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of essay writing?

Different Major Types of Essay Writing, Format, Tips, Best Practices Descriptive Essay. In descriptive essays, the author has to paint a picture with words, the author can describe individuals, feelings, place, experiences, objects, situations, memories with this kind of essay. Narrative Essay: Story Telling. ... Expository /Explanatory Essay. ... Persuasive Essay. ...

What are the four steps of writing an essay?

Four Easy Steps in Essay Writing. This part of essay writing is the first of the four steps. Brainstorming includes the topic that you want to talk about together with the goal of writing. Actually, the goal may refer to classifying what essay you are going to write; narrative, expository, persuasive, argumentative, classification,...

What are the steps for writing an essay?

The four steps in essay writing is begin with a point, or thesis, support the thesis with specific evidence, organize and connect the specific evidence, and write clear, error free sentences (Bethel University 2014 p.26).

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