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Frequently Asked Questions

What is scaffolding in Creative Writing?

But scaffolding is great for all writing instruction–not just creative writing. Scaffolding refers to the tools we give students to help them take baby steps towards conquering a bigger task. Before they write that ten-page paper, they’re going to have to know how to write an introduction.

Are scaffolding drills a good substitute for writing practice essays?

Scaffolding drills aren’t a substitute for writing practice essays, but they are an excellent supplement! You should aim complete scaffold drills throughout the term. Ideally, you should be doing them at least once a week, and slowly ramping up when you are nearing your exam period.

How would Mr X scaffold his writing assignment?

In order for Mr. X to scaffold his writing assignment, he would first make a list of the skills necessary to complete the task (“Write a five-paragraph essay that discusses the significance of three symbols and how they change over the course of the novel”). He knows that his final project or goal is the starting point for planning.

What is a scaffolding drill?

A scaffolding drill is where you plan out your entire essay and write an introduction under timed condition – 10 minutes! This practice trains you to gather your thoughts, formulate ideas quickly, and get them on to paper – just as you must in an exam!

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