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Frequently Asked Questions

What is causing Family Dollar to close stores?

Family Dollar told USA Today it “temporarily closed the affected stores in order to proficiently conduct the voluntary recall of certain FDA-regulated products.” It was unclear when stores would reopen, with Campbell telling the news outlet its employees were working hard to resume operations as soon as possible.

How many stores are family dollar closing?

After more than 1,000 rodents were found inside a Family Dollar distribution facility in West Memphis, Arkansas, the company has temporarily closed 404 stores in six states and has issued product recalls. According to USA Today, the Arkansas distribution facility served stores in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee.

When will the stores be closing?

The past couple of years saw a rash of retail store closings and bankruptcies, but it looks like the trend might be hitting a plateau in 2022. Find out which stores could be closing near you.

How many stores are being closed?

Many retail stores, in particular, have been hit hard by the downturn. Pandemic aside, the year 2020 was already set to be a tough one for many retail stores, as 2019 saw a record number (9,302) of permanent store closures in the U.S.. Perhaps, unsurprisingly, 2020 broke that record, with more than 12,000 store closures in the U.S.

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