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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the family fare app?

The Family Fare app helps customers easily view our weekly ad and save even more through our yes rewards program with coupons, clubs, and rewards. Enhance your shopping experience with everything you need right at your fingertips including store hours, online shopping with the Fast Lane, and more!

What is the family fare AD and how does it work?

The Family Fare Ad, is an online ad that can show you savings for this week. Some advertisements are offered in store, local newspaper, and often online. To ensure you don’t miss out on when a brand-new ad is readily available, sign up for our complimentary newsletter for weekly tips.

Why choose family fare convenience stores?

Family Fare Convenience Stores provide quality products to customers on the go throughout North Carolina, and now in Virginia.

What products does family fare sell?

Family Fare sells a wide range of items such as gasoline, fountain and packaged beverages, grocery items, health & beauty care products, confections, tobacco, lottery tickets, and a host of other convenient products.

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