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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the connection between DNA and family trees?

DNA and family trees complement each other. DNA can be used to prove or disprove documented family tree connections. For example, when another person shares your surname, or you have a Smart Match™ with a family tree owner, you can both test via MyHeritage DNA to find out if you are indeed...

Which DNA test is the most accurate?

A forensic DNA test is probably the most highly accurate. The process of a DNA test is quite simple. Samples are taken from both the crime scene and the suspect. The samples could be semen, vaginal fluid, hair, blood or skin tissue.

Does Family Tree DNA sell your DNA information?

Family Tree DNA, the third of the three big autosomal DNA testing companies, has not and is not participating in selling or otherwise providing customer DNA or data for medical or third party research or utilization. I confirmed this with the owners, this week.

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