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Frequently Asked Questions

What is familyid online registration?

FamilyID makes you the legally recognized owner of your data. — FamilyID Online Registration FamilyID is now part of ArbiterSports! We make YOU the boss of your family’s data. When you complete a registration on FamilyID, your data is automatically saved and you can re-use it again and again to sign up for subsequent programs.

What is familyid and why use it?

FamilyID is simply the best student registration program on the market; the Fayetteville-Manlius district loves using the program, it has simplified the registration process and brought our department into the 21st century. We love FamilyID. Rye Neck staff and families find the system is easy to use,...

What's new at familyid?

FamilyID is now part of ArbiterSports! Simple online registration for all sports, programs and activities. Promote your programs. Fill empty spaces. Automate registration. Everyone deserves an easy registration process. Save time, eliminate paperwork and reduce risk.

What is the familyid Pro app?

FamilyID is the gold-standard in online registration and participant data management for school and community programs/activities. The FamilyID® Pro app allows you to ensure your coaches, instructors and other staff are doing their job effectively while taking a huge administrative chore off their plate.

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