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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the crime of false pretenses?

Under common law, a defendant commits the crime of false pretenses when by making an intentional statement with intent to defraud the victim he obtains title to the personal property of the victim.

What happens if you buy a Tiffany lamp by false pretense?

It is important to note that if the seller of the property is unaware that they have a genuine Tiffany lamp, the buyer would not likely be guilty of obtaining property by false pretenses if they knew but did not inform the seller of the actual value of what they were selling.

What are the basics of fraudulent misrepresentation?

The following information covers the basics of fraudulent misrepresentation (which differs from breach of contract ), including the elements required for liability and remedies. A contract is not considered valid unless all parties are in agreement to the terms.

Can a defendant be convicted of making a false statement?

For a defendant to be convicted of this crime, the intentional false statement he makes to the victim must reference a past or present fact or event, a false statement regarding the future or some sort of future promise would not suffice to satisfy that element of the crime.

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