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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns HealthMarkets Inc?

In October 2004, The MEGA Life & Health Insurance Co, a subsidiary of UICI, acquired HealthMarket Inc, which was a small business insurer. Then, in 2005, a group of private equity investors headed by The Blackstone Group acquired HealthMarkets Inc, moving the company from public to private owned.

How does HealthMarkets compare health insurance plans?

HealthMarkets compares health insurance plans from top insurance companies nationwide. Don’t assume your current health insurance plan is still the right fit. HealthMarkets’ FitScore Forever technology compares plans from more than 200 insurance companies nationwide to find the right plan, that’s the right fit, for FREE.

Who is ihealthmarkets insurance agency2?

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency2 is one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the United States. We distribute health, Medicare, Life and supplemental insurance products from more than 200 insurance providers to individuals and families, seniors, small business owners and their employees.

Why choose uhealthmarkets for your health insurance?

HealthMarkets instantly scans and ranks thousands of health insurance plans to find the right fit for you. We’ll recommend the top plans in your area for you. Rest easy knowing you have the right plan, at the right price, and the right fit for you. Then, sit back and spend more time doing the things you love.

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