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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HealthMarkets website?

The HealthMarkets website, operated by the HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, provides multiple healthcare solutions through its marketplace research system. The company can search from thousands of plans offered by hundreds of insurance companies in order to find the ideal one for each customer's healthcare needs.

Is HealthMarkets a good place to buy health insurance?

With customer service around the clock, instant quotes, and a massive selection of insurance plans, HealthMarkets is an excellent choice for anyone looking for health insurance. A variety of resources is also very helpful in educating consumers so they can make the best choice regarding their healthcare.

How does health markets work? is the home of Health Markets, a company that says their goal is to help people find the right insurance coverage at the right price, and have to date helped more than one million customers meet this goal. How Does It Work?

Will I pay the same premium if I buy insurance from HealthMarkets?

This guarantee says that federal guidelines regulate that "the premiums charged for a particular insurance product must be consistent, regardless of who you purchase the product from," which means that you will pay the same premium whether you buy it from HealthMarkets, a competing agency, or directly from an insurance carrier

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