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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you evaluate a definite integral?

According to the first fundamental theorem of calculus, a definite integral can be evaluated if f (x) is continuous on [ a,b] by: ∫ b a f (x)dx = F (b) − F (a) If this notation is confusing, you can think of it in words as:

What does it mean to integrate a function in calculus?

Integration in calculus is defined as the algebraic method to find the integral of a function at any point on the graph. What do you mean by calculating the integral of a function with respect to a variable x? It signifies the area calculation to the x-axis from the curve.

What are the techniques of integration?

Integration Techniques. Many integration formulas can be derived directly from their corresponding derivative formulas, while other integration problems require more work. Some that require more work are substitution and change of variables, integration by parts, trigonometric integrals, and trigonometric substitutions.

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