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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Spaniards considered white or Hispanic?

They are considered Hispanic. This also means a Spaniard (or one of the many white Hispanic Latin Americans) who marks yes to the Hispanic question and then marks their race as white is not counted as a white person. They are counted, again, as a minority, a person of color, and a non-white person.

Are Hispanics considered a race or ethnicity?

Hispanic is considered an ethnicity, not a race, in the United States; therefore, Hispanics may also consider themselves Caucasian. Others may consider themselves ethnically Hispanic and racially black. The U.S. Census form lists “Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin" as a separate question from the question asking about a person's race.

Are Spanish people mixed race?

No, Spanish people are not white. Neither are Germans, Belgians, Russians, or any other Europeans. “White” is a racial classification. It does not exist on a biological level.

Is being Hispanic a matter of race, ethnicity or both?

In the eyes of the Census Bureau, Hispanics can be of any race, because “Hispanic” is an ethnicity and not a race – though this distinction can be subject to debate. A 2015 survey found 17% of Hispanic adults said being Hispanic is mainly a matter of race, while 29% said it is mainly a matter of ancestry and 42% said it is mainly a matter of culture.

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