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Frequently Asked Questions

Why lawsuits are bad?

When class action lawsuits are filed and litigated, it draws attention to a particular issue and to a company's bad behavior. The negative attention, as well as any punitive damages, can lead to a bad reputation and a reduction in the company's income and market value.

What are the steps for a lawsuit?

Pleadings. Each party in a lawsuit files initial papers, known as “pleadings.” The pleadings explain each party’s side of the dispute.Discovery. Thorough case preparation is critical to any successful litigation. ...Trial. ...Appeal. ...Alternatives to Litigation. ...Teamwork. ...About Us. ...

What you should know about pursuing a lawsuit?

You should always consult with an attorney like those at the Trembly Law Firm before pursuing any form of legal action. Cost/Benefit. First and foremost, you must do a cost/benefit analysis of the potential lawsuit. As a business owner, you should be very familiar with weighing risk versus reward in your decision making process.

Are lawsuits worth it?

Lawsuits can be expensive, but sometimes they are the only way to resolve a dispute. So, when is it worth fighting and when will it cost you more to sue than you would get if you were to win? All too frequently, people turn to lawsuits as the way to resolve all of their disputes.

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