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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose McAtee plumbing heating & cooling?

McAtee Plumbing Heating & Cooling is a trusted name for high quality comfort services in seven states, and we have over six decades of experience and thousands of positive reviews to prove it. Schedule your service now! Call (803) 335-5109 or contact us via our secure online form.

How do I contact McAtee LLC?

Call us today at (803) 335-5109 to schedule your service today! McAtee LLC with HomeServe Cares - Spreading hope and supporting communities, one home at a time. No job too big or small for our professional team!

Who was David McAtee and what happened to him?

David McAtee was shot and killed by law enforcement during protests in Louisville in 2020. (CNN) No charges will be brought against law enforcement personnel who fatally shot a Black restaurant owner during protests in Louisville last year, the Kentucky Commonwealth attorney said Tuesday.

How long did it take McAtee plumbing to respond to problem?

They assigned Mcatee plumbing as the contractor on May 25. Mcatee took 3 weeks before eventually assessing the problem and cancelled or did not show up for several scheduled appointments during that time. They told me that one of their technicians had a medical emergency on one of those occasions.

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