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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Naval Academy Commissioning Week?

The United States Naval Academy Commissioning Week is a time of celebration for midshipmen, their families and the entire town of Annapolis. Woven into the fabric of our historic city, visitors come from all over to celebrate this special honor with graduating midshipmen. What comes with that is a week of special events and energy-filled streets.

Who's graduating from the Naval Academy in May 2021?

Allen Sands raises his diploma in celebration during the Graduation and Commissioning Ceremony for the United States Naval Academy's Class of 2021 at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on Friday, May 28, 2021. (Brian Krista/Capital Gazette)

Will the Naval Academy give midshipmen spring break?

While the academy won’t give its midshipmen a spring break, it is providing an additional three-day weekend, with April 5 now off. The Naval Academy is not the only educational institution to remove spring break from the spring semester.

Does this modification increase access to the yard during Commissioning Week?

This modification does not correlate to increased access to the yard during Commissioning Week.

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