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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Naval Academy graduation and commissioning ceremony?

— The U.S. Naval Academy will hold its graduation and commissioning ceremony in person at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium this year, the academy said Friday. The commissioning ceremony is scheduled for May 28 in Annapolis, Maryland. The academy says select commissioning week events for the Class of 2021 also will be held in person.

Who graduated from the Naval Academy class of 2022?

Sebastian Keefer raises his diploma at the United States Naval Academy held Class of 2022 graduation and commissioning ceremony at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. May 27, 2022 (Barbara Haddock Taylor/Baltimore Sun)

When is the class of 2022 graduation in Annapolis?

Here's when the planes will perform and the best spots to view from land and water. Commissioning Week runs from May 22 to 27. The graduation and commissioning ceremony for the Class of 2022 will take place on Friday, May 27 at 10 a.m. at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on Rowe Boulevard in Annapolis, according to a news release.

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