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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the induction day for the 2022 class of Usna?

Tweet Class of 2022 Induction Day- June 28 Roughly 1,200 young men and women from across the nation and around the world will report to the Naval Academy Thursday, June 28, to be processed through various stations in Alumni Hall as the first steps to becoming “plebes” (freshmen) at USNA, which comes with a rank of Fourth Class Midshipman.

What is “I-day” at the Naval Academy?

“I-Day” is the first day of Plebe Summer and marks the day that a group of carefully selected applicants are transformed from civilians into fourth class midshipmen (freshmen).

Will USNA academic term 230 (summer 2022) be moved to 2 days?

The USNA Academic Term 230 (Summer 2022 ) Calendar shows I-Day as Thursday June 30, 2022 this year. Wondering if it will be moved to a 2 day again, not sure when that was decided last yr.

How many midshipmen are there at the Naval Academy?

Every year, approximately 1,200 candidates are selected to become midshipmen at the Naval Academy and are known as “plebes” during Plebe Summer and their first year at the academy.

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