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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Microsoft Office on my laptop?

Click "Customize.". Select the first program or tool from the list and then choose "Run From My Computer," "Run All From My Computer," "Installed on First Use" or "Not Available" from the options. 4. Repeat the previous step for each application or feature. Click "Install Now" to install Microsoft Office to the laptop.

How to sign out of Office 365?

To completely sign out of an account, you'll have to close all the Office programs you're running when you responded Yes to removing your account.If you're signed in with more than one account, you'll have to sign out of each one.You can sign in again with an account you signed out of. Go to File > Office Account > Switch Account. However, Office will treat it as a new account, meaning you'll have to set customizations all over again.See More...

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