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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PeopleSoft used for?

PeopleSoft is the name of the software UofL uses to manage the University's student (CS), financials (FI) and human resources (HCM) data. Students use PeopleSoft to enroll in classes, update their contact information, view and pay tuition, accept or decline financial aid, and see their grades and transcripts.

Is PeopleSoft an ERP system?

PeopleSoft is an ERP software application provided by Oracle/PeopleSoft Corporation. The Indiana University is provided with applications for Student Information System and Human Resource Management System by the Oracle/PeopleSoft.

Is PeopleSoft part of Oracle?

What product of Oracle are you referring to when you say Oracle. Oracle has Oracle RDMS as its one of the most popular products. And PeopleSoft is one of ERPs owned by Oracle Formerly PeopleSoft was an independent company but Oracle bought it forcefully and since then it is known as Oracle PeopleSoft.

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