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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 24 podcasts for women?

24 top podcasts for women: 1. By the Book. New York-based comedienne Jolenta Greenberg serves as the host of By the Book alongside her friend Kristen Meinzer. The two women live ... 2. Dear Prudence. 3. Committed. 4. Black Girl Nerds. 5. Next Question with Katie Couric.

What are the best podcast name ideas for You?

Following are the best podcast name ideas for you: 1 The 411 2 Excellent Episodes 3 Vintage Inspiration 4 Pillow Talk 5 Candid 6 The [NAME] View 7 The [NAME] Idea 8 Your Daily [NAME] 9 What A Dream 10 White Walker More items...

Why do we love podcasts?

Whether in-flight or lounging at the beach, we enjoy podcasts for our daily dose of inspiration, insight, and humor. We specifically love podcasts hosted by women and for women on the topics most relevant to our daily lives. Below you will find a lineup of nine incredible shows hosted by fierce, inspiring female leaders.

Do you put the word “ PODCAST” in Your Show title?

Here, our podcast name is “ Hostile Worlds “, and the creator/author/provider name is “The Podcast Host”. So they're both very much still in there, just not all in the show title itself. There's no harm in putting the word “podcast” in your show title. But it can be a little redundant.

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