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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name pretence mean?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word pretence. An act of pretending or pretension; a false claim or pretext. Etymology: From pretensse, from praetensus (past participle of praetendere, prae- + tendere).

What does pretence mean?

The definition of a pretense is a false impression, a false claim or an attempt to make a falsehood appear true. An example of a pretense is when you pretend to be friends with someone you don't like.

What is another word for pretense?

Another word for pretense. The presentation of something false as true: charade, make-believe. A display of insincere behavior: act, acting, disguise, dissemblance, masquerade, sham, show, simulation.

What does pretense mean?

Definition of pretense. 1 : a claim made or implied especially : one not supported by fact. 2a : mere ostentation : pretentiousness confuse dignity with pomposity and pretense— Bennett Cerf. b : a pretentious act or assertion.

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