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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for pretenses?

Another word for pretense. The presentation of something false as true: charade, make-believe. A display of insincere behavior: act, acting, disguise, dissemblance, masquerade, sham, show, simulation.

What word means without pretense?

other words for without pretense. blatantly. brazenly. candidly. face to face. flagrantly. forthrightly. fully. honestly.

What is the noun for pretense?

Pretense is an alternative form of pretence. Pretence is an alternative form of pretense. As nouns the difference between pretence and pretense is that pretence is (label) an act of pretending or pretension; a false claim or pretext while pretense is (us) a false or hypocritical profession, as, under pretense of friendliness.

What is another word for puts on a pretense?

Synonyms for putting on a pretense include putting on an act, bluffing, faking, feigning, hamming, inventing, letting on like, making up, play-acting and playing possum. Find more similar words at!

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