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Frequently Asked Questions

Is realtystore a good website to buy from?

RealtyStore has a consumer rating of 2.49 stars from 79 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. RealtyStore ranks 158th among Real Estate Other sites. How would you rate RealtyStore? I spoke to a very good customer representative and explained to me in detail how the credit back was refunded.

How do I contact realrealtystore? Homes for less. More for you. For your convenience we have provided several contact methods. For urgent matters please reach out to us via phone. We will respond via email typically within 24 hours. When emailing or using out secure form please be as specific as possible.

What are the most nastiest fraudulent real estate practices?

Amongst the most notorious fraudulent practices on the market, we have already exposed and shared information about rental property scams , real estate investment scams, home buying scams, and residential real estate tips. This week we caught up with a few fraud prevention experts and real estate professionals.

Are real estate agents' email accounts getting hacked?

It’s so bad the FTC even sent an alert warning consumer that real estate agents’ email accounts are getting hacked.”, says Siciliano. “Let’s say your realtor’s name is Bill Baker. Bill Baker’s email account gets hacked. The hacker observes Baker’s correspondences with his clients—including you. Ahhh, the hacker sees you have an upcoming closing.

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