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Frequently Asked Questions

What are real estate leads and how do they work?

Leads are what keep a real estate brokerage in business. A closed lead provides a commission check to the agent and a check to the brokerage. How Much Do Real Estate Leads Cost? Real estate lead generation companies offer different prices depending on the location and number of leads selected.

What is the best real estate lead generation company for buyers?

Zillow Premier Agent is our review's best real estate lead generation company for finding buyers because it offers leads that are generated directly by Zillow, most of which are buyer leads. It is part of the real estate powerhouse Zillow Group, which was founded by former Microsoft executives in Seattle, Washington, in 2006.

What are real time leads and how do they work?

Real Time Leads are an effective way to start getting results immediately with your business. When you first started your business, you were probably introduced to creating a list of all your friends and family members, your warm market, and you worked with your mentor to introduce your products and business.

Why realrealtystore for local listings?

RealtyStore is committed to bringing a highly targeted, integrated promotional platform to generate home buyer leads & post your local listings at the lowest cost in the industry. Sign up for your preferred ZIP codes and see your profile go live today!

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