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Frequently Asked Questions

Is sakshma Srivastav answering Army's burning questions about her BTS interview?

E NOW ‘s Sakshma Srivastav is answering ARMY’s burning questions about her BTS interview! Earlier this month, E NOW released an exclusive interview that went viral shortly after its release. In it, the members answered in-depth questions, some of which have never before been asked in their interviews.

Is sakshma Srivastav beautiful?

Absolutely gorgeous, Sakshma Srivastav has accepted all of the compliments received and also called out haters, most of them being solo stans, the type of fandom that seriously, not any artist need and definitely, not BTS. The full interview can be seen here (note it is blocked in certain countries like the United States):

What K-pop groups has sakshma interviewed?

Sakshma has interviewed many other K-pop groups, one of them being BTS's brother group TXT. She has been an excellent host and made each and every member feel comfortable and keep them engaged, asking them frequent questions and building up conversations.

How did sakshma select her questions?

In a new commentary video, Sakshma explained that she carefully selected her questions with ARMY in mind. As an ARMY herself, she strove to represent the fandom to the best of her ability. There was one question, however, that did not make the cut.

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