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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the house you are selling doesn't sell?

The agent’s offer to buy the home if it doesn’t sell is typically well below market value. “When home sellers realize they would never agree to these terms, the agent switches the tone to, ‘OK, fine, let’s just list the home the standard way,’” Hoffman says.

Is buying a house more stressful than selling it?

Buying a home is one of the most stressful experiences out there—in fact, nearly 70% of people who have bought or sold a house report finding it more stressful than having a baby, changing jobs, or getting married, according to a survey. And why not?

How do you sell a house with badly damaged walls?

One of the only ways to sell a house with such significant damage is to seek out an investor. They’ll have enough money to spend on repairs. If someone who isn’t an investor is eager to buy your house regardless of these problems, be cautious.

Are real estate agents' email accounts getting hacked?

It’s so bad the FTC even sent an alert warning consumer that real estate agents’ email accounts are getting hacked.”, says Siciliano. “Let’s say your realtor’s name is Bill Baker. Bill Baker’s email account gets hacked. The hacker observes Baker’s correspondences with his clients—including you. Ahhh, the hacker sees you have an upcoming closing.

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