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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the singer 4423 heavy duty a good sewing machine?

The Singer 4423 Heavy Duty is a basic mechanical sewing machines, that did an alright job in our tests. While this was far from our top performers, this no-frills machine could be a good entry-level machine with a price to match.

What is your opinion on singer 4423 with overlocker 14hd854?

I bought my sewing machine singer 4423 with the overlocker 14hd854 eight months ago . they are both powerful fantastic and the serger is very easy to thread (as i followed the instructions in the manual and watched some videos on youtube). Satisfied and happy with My two singer . Purchased in February 2020. Similar opinion?

Is the singer 4423 good for making buttonholes?

The Singer 4423 struggles a little when it came to making buttonholes, lacking some of the nicer features that other computerized machines offered. This performance netted it a subpar 4 out of 10.

What was your first impression of the singer 4423?

My biggest first impression of the Singer 4423 was it was SO much heavier than my Brother CS6000i. It also drove me crazy that even before I touched it, there were already smudges on the steel plate in the sewing space. To this day, the steel plate continues to drive the perfectionist in me crazy, as every little fingerprint shows up on it!

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