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Frequently Asked Questions

How many stitches does a singer 4423 have?

Side by side comparison Feature Singer 4423 Singer 4452 Type Mechanical Heavy Duty Mechanical Heavy Duty Built-in Stitches 23 32 Automatic Needle Threader Yes Yes Buttonhole Styles 1 One-step 1 One-step 16 more rows ...

Is the singer 4452 a good sewing machine?

<p>Singer 4452 is a very good entry level heavy duty sewing machine. However, it is not 100% metal. It is very user-friendly.</p>

What is the 4423 heavy duty sewing machine?

The Heavy Duty 4423 sewing machine is designed with your heavy duty projects in mind, from denim to canvas. Thanks to the machine's powerful motor, you have extra high sewing speed to save you time.

Why are Singer sewing machines so bad?

1. They lack the proper power to stitch through very thick materials. Although Singer’s heavy-duty series’s been advertised as stronger than average, their motor is only stronger than other domestic sewing machines. In any case, can they compete with the strength of fully metal-made industrial models?

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