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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is southwest canceling so many flights?

The company reiterated the surge in flight delays and cancellations were caused by weather-related challenges that began at their Florida airports on Friday, and later exacerbated by unexpected air traffic control issues in the same region.

Is southwest a good airline to fly?

Southwest is a “good airline” based on many of the factors travelers care about the most like on-time arrivals, service, baggage fees, etc. But every passenger is unique and values everything a little bit differently.

Is southwest having a sale?

Southwest Is Having Another Flight Sale, With Fares Starting at $59. Good or bad, 2021 is nearly at a close. Which means that now is the time to take stock of what you did, what you wish you did ...

Does southwest have nonstop flights?

Does Southwest have nonstop flights? If you prefer nonstop flights when traveling, offers a simple way to customize your travel plans online. Although Southwest Airlines operates more than 3,200 flights daily, some of its nonstop flights occur on Saturdays only, but you can check the airline's routes through its online travel guide.

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