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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Southwest Airlines a low cost or budget airline?

Sun Country Airlines. (Technically, Southwest is a low-cost carrier, but by our definition, it doesn’t belong in the budget bucket because it charges far fewer fees than even most traditional airlines.) This is how budget airlines work: They offer extremely low base fares, which are what show up in search results.

What airline did Southwest Airlines buy?

Southwest acquired Morris Air, an airline based in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1993, paying US$134 million in stock. After completing the purchase, Southwest absorbed the capital and routes of Morris Air into Southwest's inventory and service, including Morris' Pacific Northwest destinations not previously served by Southwest.

Is southwest having a sale?

Southwest Is Having Another Flight Sale, With Fares Starting at $59. Good or bad, 2021 is nearly at a close. Which means that now is the time to take stock of what you did, what you wish you did ...

Will Southwest Airlines Go International?

Southwest Eyes International Expansion. Within the next few years, Southwest Airlines could be introducing new flights to Canada and Europe, according to the airline’s CEO, Gary Kelly. Kelly, speaking at Southwest’s annual shareholder meeting in Annapolis, Maryland, noted that 2017 was the airline’s third-best year ever and its 45th ...

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