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Frequently Asked Questions

What ethnicity is Spanish?

Spaniards, or Spanish people, are a predominantly Romance-speaking ethnic group native to Spain. Within Spain, there are a number of national and regional ethnic identities that reflect the country's complex history, its diverse autochthonous peoples, various degrees and sources of admixture of historic foreign conquerors and migrants, cultures, including a number of different languages, both ...

How many different ethnic groups are in Spain?

Spain, the third-largest country in Europe, has a majority of its 43,484,000 citizens belonging to four major ethnic groups: Basque, Galician, Castilian, and Catalan. Other ethnic minorities exist ...

Are Spaniards considered white or Hispanic?

They are considered Hispanic. This also means a Spaniard (or one of the many white Hispanic Latin Americans) who marks yes to the Hispanic question and then marks their race as white is not counted as a white person. They are counted, again, as a minority, a person of color, and a non-white person.

What are the percentages of ethnic groups in Spain?

Spain Ethnic groups. Factbook > Countries > Spain > Demographics. ShareThis. Ethnic groups: Spanish 84.8%, Moroccan 1.7%, Romanian 1.2%, other 12.3% (2021 est.) note: data represent population by country of birth. Definition: This entry provides an ordered listing of ethnic groups starting with the largest and normally includes the percent of ...

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