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Frequently Asked Questions

What does HC stand for?

Huntington's Chorea (hereditary progressive neurodegenerative disorder) HC Hwa Chong HC Hydraulic Conductivity HC Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, Michigan) HC High Cube (shipping container) HC Helicopter Combat Support Squadron HC Hague Convention HC Hope College (Holland, MI, USA)

What is the value of 'HC' in the equation?

The value of 'hc' is 1.986445 * 10-25 J m. The equation for the energy of a photon is given as E=hc/λ. Here E is the energy of the photon, h is Planck's constant, c is the speed of light, and λ denotes the wavelength of the photon.

What is the value of HC in EV?

The value of 'hc' in eV comes out to be 1.23984193 * 10-6 eV.m. The value of 'hc' is also used to find out the energy of a specific atomic orbit by using the formula, E= - hcR/n2 hc plays a vital role in the photoelectric effect.

Why HC wireless?

WHY HC WIRELESS? Enjoy uninterrupted surfing, streaming, and gaming throughout your home with powerful Wi-Fi 6 Easily set parental controls and establish priority bandwidth for the devices and activities that matter most Enjoy peace of mind online with protection from malware and viruses – all from the HC Wireless Wi-Fi app

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