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Frequently Asked Questions

What does lack of pretense mean?

The “awesomeness” of lack of pretense. Living without pretense, however, is not just about straight shooting in terms of how you act; it’s also about living with as few automatic assumptions as possible. It’s about not tailoring how you act or think to what you believe the result is going to be in the future.

What is another word for pretense?

Another word for pretense. The presentation of something false as true: charade, make-believe. A display of insincere behavior: act, acting, disguise, dissemblance, masquerade, sham, show, simulation.

What does pretense mean?

Definition of pretense. 1 : a claim made or implied especially : one not supported by fact. 2a : mere ostentation : pretentiousness confuse dignity with pomposity and pretense— Bennett Cerf. b : a pretentious act or assertion.

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