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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it validate or verify?

is that validate is to render valid while verify is to substantiate or prove the truth of something. Other Comparisons: What's the difference? To render valid. To check or prove the validity of; verify.

What is the past form of verify?

past tense of verify is verified. He/She/It verifies . I verify. You/We/They verify. He/She/It is verifying. I am verifying. You/We/They are verifying. He/She/It has verified.

How does verification work?

The Journalist's Process of Verification should follow these rules:Gather, assess, and weigh information & evidencePlace new facts in the big picture to give you context by which to form an accurate impression of what has happened.Explain how they know what they know – and what they don’t know: which translates as transparency.

What is the verification system?

The verification of every medication at the dispensing point.It will facilitate patient safety and, at the same time, protect their privacy.Plus, it will take advantage of the global benefits of universal signaling of all medications.Also, it’ll provide a unique serial number for each medication.More items...

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