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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the causes of war?

War is caused by many different things, including competition over land, religious conflicts, and nationalism. Imperialism, racism, and slavery have also been causes of armed conflict. What's an example of war?

What are the different types of war?

1. armed conflict between nations or factions within a nation; warfare. 2. a state or period of active military operations. 3. ( often cap.) a particular armed conflict consisting of a series of battles or campaigns: the War of 1812. 4. armed fighting as a science or profession. 5. active hostility or contention; conflict: a war of words.

What are the consequences of war?

Wars force millions of people to leave their land, their homes and their jobs, their lives, childhood is torn away from children, a monstrous act. War is the greatest crime against humanity. In general, everything arises from conflicts of interest resolved with violence.

What is the history of war?

War is an armed conflict that transpires between two or more groups. War has existed since at least the beginning of recorded history, nearly 5,000 years ago. No generation has ever truly been free of the threat of war, and war remains one of the world's most significant problems.

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