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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Value City stores are closing?

The other Value City stores that are closing are in Frederick, Cumberland, Greenbelt and Hillcrest Heights. Value City decided to close the Maryland stores because they didn't see as much room for...

What time does the Family Dollar Store close?

Most of the stores open morning at 9:00 AM and close the store evening at 9:00 PM. Every day Family Dollar operates for 12 hours. Below we mention its Today Hours, Opening Hours, and Closing Hours in the Table. Family Dollar operating time also depends on the store location.

What time does the Family Dollar close?

Most of the family dollar stores in the USA open at 9 am in the morning and close at 10 pm at night. However, this time schedule varies depending on the locations. At some of the locations family dollar stores open late and close late in night.

Are dollar stores really a bargain?

There's no doubt there are bargains to be found at dollar stores, and according to Britt Beemer, Chairman and Founder of America's Research Group, these stores have grown in sales, taking "20 to...

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