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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a crime to make false pretenses?

And, indeed, many people who are charged with this crime are rightfully shocked to find out that they are being called “thieves.” But the fact is that “false pretenses” is a theft crime just like shoplifting or grand theft auto.

What are the essential elements of false pretense?

Thus, the essential element of false pretense is that the victim must actually be deceived by the misrepresentation, and the misrepresentation must be a major factor of the victim transferring title to the deceiving party.

What happens if you buy a Tiffany lamp by false pretense?

It is important to note that if the seller of the property is unaware that they have a genuine Tiffany lamp, the buyer would not likely be guilty of obtaining property by false pretenses if they knew but did not inform the seller of the actual value of what they were selling.

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